Sunday, September 7, 2014

Save Me

Who's gonna help that strong man
Hes giving it all he can
The storms getting stronger and his backs bending
Hes fighting and every day feels its his actions hes defending
One motion causing multiple ripples in his life
Some days his tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife
He plows forward feeling like a broken tank
And like that bottle hes empty from what he drank
No cool-aid will bring him down but does he care
Into the future he has a curled brow glare
From the past he limps with very little clout
Or is he just suffering from another flare up of the gout
Strong enough to suffer in silence
Strong enough to suffer in violence our weakness. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Today is a new day and my smiles are still lost
The sun shines again and yet I've got frowns filled with frost
Time passes me by and I suffer in a vacuum of regret
I'm forced to be polite and treat shitheads with respect
Thoughts go through my heart and questions of why I'm here
But answers are only guided by the end being near
At Night i toss and turn with nightmares of my mistakes
And there's no photographer there for retakes
Spilling into my soul is my tainted blood
And I'm drowning like a lost soul in a flood
Although I struggle, my head stays afloat
Churning to be successful even if I have no boat
One day my end will come
And for now I shall take days, one by one

Friday, November 15, 2013

Unanswered Questions

Inside the halls echoed silence
And the outcome was juvenile violence

A moment in time that no one can take back
And with all the emotions no one knows how to react

Two futures changed in a few seconds of their lives
Those halls now only echo memories and cries

We ask difficult questions with no answers we can accept
Our town left soggy with tears of sorrow and regret

No matter what people say or do the scene was played out and served
Both boys got nothing each one diserved

Families heartbroken and a city divided
Adults blinded to the fact that to get through this we must be united

Ribbons and memorials will be spread to help some cope
But others will continue to react as if they are at the end of their rope

We must protect our children and help them when we can
However, sometimes higher powers have a different plan

Monday, November 11, 2013

Frustration in Time

Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and wonder what you really are looking at.  Are you staring at the person you have made, the person society has made, or the person you are destined to be.  Ive tried to not stare in the mirror basically to avoid any reflection of what I thought Ive seen.  As the image gets older and the lines more prominent I wonder...who am I.  Am I a strong man, a simple man, a shy man, a lonely man, a loving man, an arrogant man, a stupid man, an educated man, a weak man, or just not the right man.  I'm sure at times I can say yes or no to every one of those.   Today I sit a broken man. A man that has been pushed to his limit and has heard the snap of his soul.  I wonder why I'm here, what am I supposed to be doing here, am I doing the right thing, or am I frustrated with the way things are because its ME who's doing it all wrong. Am I supposed to be rude like others, am I supposed to drive as if there are no laws or signs, am I to treat others places as if they are trash dumps? I find myself frustrated a lot with all the situations I get put into due to the inconsideration of others.  My biggest problem I seem to have lately is my two boys.  They are going to grow up on a society that is over sensitive, rude, and expect everything at no or little cost.  A society of the quick dollar at anyone's expense.  How do I help them become kind, loving, considerate, productive young men in society? Shelter them? Force them? or just guide them with love and hope they make the right decisions? All in all I see a society that has lost the drive it to be polite to now just becoming a society of get out of my way or I will run you over.  I watched a move once about all the things Ive been talking about and as the American flag flew at the end it had one word flash across the screen.............


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tyler Rey el Rey

As you turn one I look back at all the past years fun
From your first smiles to your wabbly attempt to run

Every day your growing stronger and show us your learning
And as much as people talk about you Im sure your ears are always burning

You will continue to grow into a crazy little man like your brother
The love you guys already share amazes me like no other

He makes you laugh and he makes you cry
But no matter what, being like him every day you try

I love to watch you boys communicate without any words being spoken
Im pretty sure yall have created a bond that will never be broken

So one year has gone by and we celebrate it together
Every year it will remind me of your amazing birth....Forever!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kickball Kings of Gravel Street

Today's game would be kickball we say
Everyone in the neighborhood come and play
I don't care who
But its me and Ted verses you
What do you mean that's not fair
Im sure you guys have beaten us ONCE, by a hair
 Uleake, mikey, chubbs, and everyone else take a chance
But we get to kick first as I belt a ball and they barely get a glance
Rounding the hubcaps uhhh I  mean bases
I laugh as I make it home looking at their faces
Ted's turn to kick and the results are the same
I guess our 12 year old power is too much for the others 90lb frame
Kick after kick we round the bases for a while
And the others accuse us of cheating as if we were on trial
All in all days growing up repeated like this
And now that we are reaching 40 Im sure those days are some we'll all miss

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another One to Remember

You come to me and all I feel is vibration from your heart
Pacing and pounding it talks to me trying to not fall apart
Your hands quiver as they begin to rise towards me
The touch of your skin brings me to a knee
I caress your porcelain skin as your pores explode with goose bumps
Its getting harder to swallow because my throat's filled with lumps
Our hearts have become one beat as if it were a drumline
Is it yours or is it mine
Closer we get only to wrap eachother with our bodies like twister
Our hips sway as we listen to Broken Wings by Mister Mister
The mositure from our lips lock into position and my body shakes
Each kiss is as unique as a pure snowflake
We spend the night wrapped around eachother enjoying our passion
Repeating the episode as if it were going out of fasion
And in the morning I roll over to notice my beds empty and cold
Remembering that the night of passion was old
Only a mere reflection of you in my dreams again as I sleep
Maybe I need to stick to just counting sheep